What  a great way to celebrate a wedding .  Not only do you get to participate in a fun event but you get a vacation too. I just returned from a destination wedding, all the guests flew in from somewhere else in the country. It was so much fun. We were all made to feel welcome with a gift bag greeting us in our room at our arrival. It was filled with things that we would need during our stay( suntan lotion, water bottles, chocolates, map of the area and even Florida oranges). A  welcome party was awaiting us and the weekend was in full swing.Next day was the wedding which took place on the beach at sunset, so beautiful. We partied until the wee hours in the morning…no driving home. ( Nice)  Next day sightseeing and in the evening  all the guest came together for a sunset cruise on a pirate ship,what fun.Next day we said our goodbyes. What an experience, loved every minute. Thank you Patty and Tim I wish you much happiness.